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HR- Analytics – Online Certification Workshop

(1st Aug 2020 to 29th Aug 2020 – BATCH 4)



5 Weekends (7.5 Hours ) Day HR –Analytics Workshop 1st Aug 2020 to 29th Aug 2020 .

All Saturdays ( 10 30 am to 12 am IST)

Simplified yet Amplified

Move up the Value Chain in HR Analytics; Descriptive – Predictive – Prescriptive.

Go beyond dash-boards.

Learn to apply immediately.

Venue Online: (Google or Zoom) To be finalised

Points to Ponder:

  • It’s not training but a workshop.
  • We learn by using data sets close to 90,000.
  • We learn to predict by using statistical methodologies.
  • Learning beyond dashboards & being predictive.
  • Max Only 12 seats for better Impact.

Introduction to Analytics:

  • What and Why of Analytics and Its Fundamentals?
  • Types of Analysis (Qualitative and Quantitative)
  • Evolution of HR –Analytics : Efficiency –Effectiveness- Value – Predictive
  • Three Value Paths of Analytics (Depends on your Current Organization,Leadership,Culture)
    • Attacking the Low Hanging Fruit (Solving a Problem)
    • Forming an Analytical Unit
    • Creating an Analytical Culture
  • Types of Analytics: Descriptive – Predictive – Prescriptive Analytics and Its Impact on Value Chain

Data: Basic Types, Issues and Quality of Data:

  • Data – Structured and Unstructured
  • Big Data: (What it is and what it is not?)
  • Data – Gathering & Data – Management (Describe, Explain, Predict, Optimize)
  • Quality of Data : Few Check Measures

Current Organisations and HR Analytics:

  • Mostly Descriptive : (Two cases of Data and Dash Boards )
    • Sample Recruitment Dashboards and what data is captured.
    • Sample L&D Dashboards and what is being captured.
    • Key Metrics

Some Key Basics of Statistics for Understanding of P & P of Analytics:

  • Measures of Central Tendency
  • Distribution Types etc
  • Hypothesis testing- What it actually means
  • (Independent and Dependent Variables)
  • Basics of Crosstab, Correlation & Regression
  • Slopes, R- Square, Inference, Confidence level & Significance level.

 Starting the HR –Analytics:

  • Defining the KPIs (Efficiency ,Effectiveness and Outcomes)
  • Data Tracking Tool & Data Request Template formats.
  • Formatting the Data (From Vertical to Cross Tab)
  • Definition of Metrics/KPIS
  • Basic Analytics Plan (Descriptive ,Display ,Inferential)

   Prescriptive & Predictive :

  • Sample HR –Dummy – Data to be used.
  • Correlation and Multiple linear regressions & Predicting.
  • Understanding the statistical significance and interpretation of the output.
  • Tool intended to use: IBM -SPSS Trial Version

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