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HR- Analytics -Certification Workshop

HR – Predictive Analytics Two Days Workshop

(7th & 8th Dec 2019 – BATCH 4)


Coverage :

Two Day HR –Analytics Workshop on 7 & 8 Dec-2019 (Sat&Sun)


(Simplified yet Amplified)

Move up the Value Chain in HR Analytics; Descriptive – Predictive – Prescriptive.

Go beyond dash-boards.

Learn to apply immediately.

Price: Avail Early Bird Offer by booking on or before 30th Oct 2019.

Venue: (Courtyard By Marriott,Anna Salai ,Chennai)/ To be finalised

Points to Ponder:

  • It’s not training but a workshop.
  • We learn by using data sets close to 90,000.
  • We learn to predict by using statistical methodologies.
  • Learning beyond dashboards & being predictive.
  • Max Only 15 seats for better Impact.

Introduction to Analytics:

  • What and Why of Analytics and Its Fundamentals?
  • Types of Analysis (Qualitative and Quantitative)
  • Evolution of HR –Analytics : Efficiency –Effectiveness- Value – Predictive
  • Three Value Paths of Analytics (Depends on your Current Organization,Leadership,Culture)
    • Attacking the Low Hanging Fruit (Solving a Problem)
    • Forming an Analytical Unit
    • Creating an Analytical Culture
  • Types of Analytics: Descriptive – Predictive – Prescriptive Analytics and Its Impact on Value Chain

Data: Basic Types, Issues and Quality of Data:

  • Data – Structured and Unstructured
  • Big Data: (What it is and what it is not?)
  • Data – Gathering & Data – Management (Describe, Explain, Predict, Optimize)
  • Quality of Data : Few Check Measures

Current Organisations and HR Analytics:

  • Mostly Descriptive : (Two cases of Data and Dash Boards )
    • Sample Recruitment Dashboards and what data is captured.
    • Sample L&D Dashboards and what is being captured.
    • Key Metrics

Some Key Basics of Statistics for Understanding of P & P of Analytics:

  • Measures of Central Tendency
  • Distribution Types etc
  • Hypothesis testing- What it actually means
  • (Independent and Dependent Variables)
  • Basics of Crosstab, Correlation & Regression
  • Slopes, R- Square, Inference, Confidence level & Significance level.

 Starting the HR –Analytics:

  • Defining the KPIs (Efficiency ,Effectiveness and Outcomes)
  • Data Tracking Tool & Data Request Template formats.
  • Formatting the Data (From Vertical to Cross Tab)
  • Definition of Metrics/KPIS
  • Basic Analytics Plan (Descriptive ,Display ,Inferential)

   Prescriptive & Predictive :

  • Sample HR –Dummy – Data to be used.
  • Correlation and Multiple linear regressions & Predicting.
  • Understanding the statistical significance and interpretation of the output.
  • Tool intended to use: SPSS.


1) In two days how can I learn HR-Analytics?

In two days we can’t learn all .But certainly we can learn 3 to 4 concrete methods and validation factors of predictive analytics and the practical application of it.

2) Will I understand statistics and mathematics is not my comfort zone?

Concepts shall be explained in common man’s language as much as possible with relevant examples pertaining to the need of the session and the objective. The trainer- facilitator is both a statistician and HR.

3) What about the pricing?

Standard price of Rs 15,000 plus GST & Early Bird offer of Rs 15000 all-inclusive if booked on or before 30th Oct 2019.

Workshop Type -HR AFMOI–HR 2-Day Workshop Rate Market Price Similar Workshops  
Two Days
Price Rs 15,000 + GST Rs 25,000 – Rs75,000 Rs 3,000 – Rs 12,000
Immediate Applicability ***** ***** ***
Value by Price ***** **** ***
Benefits Networking, Practical usage. Networking, Practical usage. Networking Discussions; Minimal practicality

5) Will I get a certificate?

Yes, AFMOI shall provide a participation certificate as attended “Foundation Course in HR Analytics”.

6) Do I need use or download any software?

Yes, you will be expected bring a laptop with free SPSS 14 day trial version installed the day before the session. (Note it’s only a 14 day trial version so install on or after 1st DEC 2019)

7) Will it be of real time use for me?

Yes, you can apply it the next day in your business operations, provided you have the data and understood the concepts clearly .Recommended to do lot of reading post the workshop and books and materials shall be suggested.

Testimonials of Past Sessions:

Thank u….. It was a good learning and got a great insight on HR analytics fundamentals…

  • HR- Manager of leading Indian conglomerate in Chennai.

Sir, you are very much active and could spontaneously trigger out your relevant supply against our queries. You can able to understand our pulse and preparation too it is excellent tailor made. Thank you once again for your extended support.

  • HR- Manager of leading Garment Retail Showroom

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