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Manager to Leader Workshop

Dear Good Hearts & Great Professionals

  • Are you a Non-MBA Manager working for an organisation ?
  • Do you always feel that you needed something more to grow the ladder and you dont know what is it all about?
  • Have you ever felt,  “Is there any one to simplify and share the concepts of practical leadership ?”
  • Have you ever wondered what are all the virtues of New Age Leadership ?
  • Have you ever felt that the training programs shall only  reflect concepts which certainly you cant apply or relate to?

Come lets together co-create !

“Manager to Leader” 2 Day Program

Leadership is beyond Title and Position

1 Day and 2 Day Programs for Mid-Level (Ideal for Non-MBA Managers, Supervisors and TLs)

Key Takeaways

  • Fundamentals of Leadership
  • Manager Vs Leader
  • Leadership Principles and Values
  • Leadership Values
  • Sales Leadership
  • Business Leadership vs Social Leadership
  • Leadership Ladder
  • Coaching Framework and Others
  • Fun and Activity based