Academy for Market Orientation India (R 4034005)

TAP- Differentiators

TAP’S  3 USPS of our Perm Recruitment:

Our recruiters are trained to capture and submit the latent knowledge in the recruitment process through  simple analytical reports in the below areas what most of the times are ignored but shall give valid insights into the recruitment process analytics and employer branding.

  • Sales Pitch :

Our sales team shall do a research on random sample to understand the market view of your company when we meet up.

Report with minimum 10 random candidates in similar Industry ,category of less than 8 years of experience .

  • Brand awareness
  • Source
  • Interest to join
  • Pre -Interview

Analytical report on candidates spoken /tapped (minimum 10)

  • Brand Awareness
  • Source of Awareness
  • Interest to Join
  • If No -Why parameters
  • Post-Interview :

Candidates feedback (from all the candidates interviewed)

  1. Interview Experience
  2. Hospitality
  3. Brand Experience
  4. Suggestions and Inputs.