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Hi Sir
 I’m Nivetha,Today i attended ur experience sharing session.it was really amazing session. Thank you sir.

Now I keep delete button on my mind :).
somehow confusions are occurring sir what can I do for that?

Hi Mr.Prabhu,

I’m G.Monisha.  i’m participate your seminar in foundation for csr @ redington.  this seminar is very help to me. especially, the Vivekananda quote i impurest that line .his my role modal ,thank you for remain me  i want to be learn more about Vivekananda. And i want to discuss with you .you say political is good goal .we are don’t discuss briefly  . if women had her goal is political .that time what will you suggest for her.i’m tell women “that’s me ” .if you are free please suggest some advise for me.thank you .
Hi sir,
          I am saravanan today we learn a lot your teaching is wonderful… tnk u sir.
Hi brabhu

 You are a god gift for me brabhu…  Because we are never seen this type of persons till…

-Student Vivek (after SSN session)

# Many things learn from you…

# but yesterday you have trained in only 4.30 hrs..

# I think that 4.30 hrs wonderful time… This is true sir…

# previous classes only taught in theory including intro of your self,
But I don’t know how to introduce Your self…

# But you took one class only, I learned, what is self intro?
And how to introduce our self..!

# I feel your class includes practical things. And you explained in practically. That’s Your best…

# and thank you prabhu for gave this speech…

# you say many things, but I have store in some things in my mind, and then I must implement that surely….

# also I have many feedbacks, but you said anything in short and understandable, I follow that…. example – STAR.

# I think, I with you 100% …without you 0%…


Hi Prabhu

“The session was too good and I hope other students would have felt the same,the spark was created among the students.Except lack of time”

-Student (After Agni College Program 19 March 2017)

Hi Prabhu

The Session was very interactive, Students glued to their seat simply listening to what Mr.Prabhu had delivered. He caught the pulse of students in very short period of time and students they were just simply listening as if they were listening to their parents. Once again, from RGCE Management we thank Mr. Prabhu & team along with AFMOI for the wonderful session that was shared with our students.

  • Mr Rohith Bhat ( Placement Officer/Head of Rajiv Gandhi College of Engineering)