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The New Selfie

“The New Selfie 2021” is a Self- Mastery online workshop conducted by Life & Leadership coach Mr. Prabhu Swaminathan. This is the 6th workshop with upgraded concepts which has impacted and transformed many Individuals, Professionals, Leaders, Students, Entrepreneurs.

To date, Mr. Prabhu Swaminathan has been impacting more than 9000+ lives across 4 states and 14 districts in India.

It’s a 6-hour online workshop that shall enable the participants to explore themselves deep from self -awareness and march towards achievement in life.

The Concepts Covered shall include

Self Awareness

Self Concept

Self Ideal

Self Fulfilling prophecy

Law of Attraction – Real Life Case Studies

Self Esteem & Its Pillars

Leadership Wisdom & Empathy.

Guaranteed Impact :

The New You ! The New Version !

Target Audience :

Individuals, Professionals, Leaders, Students, Entrepreneurs across age groups above 18+.

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