Academy for Market Orientation India (R 4034005)


Thoughts of the founder

It’s not the competency alone should matter but the purpose in combination should. It means killing alone should not be the criteria to lead an army if so then the best leader can only be the best murderer. It’s the purpose and path matters.

Life is the only exam where most of the times people volunteer to respond not the true/right answer to survive as they know the true/right answer will not make them pass the exam

Nothing in this world can be as painful as losing the trust without knowing the reason. Almost it is like living and not living both happening at same time…..

Name can be tarnished. But truth cannot be…

Even if I want to win or prove myself I won’t exploit others weakness. I will only compete with their strengths. But I don’t like to win or prove myself to two kinds of people. One who all are in my hearts. Two who I don’t care a damn.

Behind every Gauravas success there is atleast one Saguni and one Karna and the gracefulness of pandavas.Things will change.