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What is Leadership

When the world has moved from “Survival of Fittest” to the ” Survival of Fastest” ,I would rather say ” Excellence of the Competent ” to the ” Excellence of the Noisy” it becomes a clear internal war for many who believes in few ideologies like values,ethics,letting go of Individual credits for the team,Inclusive Growth etc.Time and again both in professional life and personal life every individual faces lots of challenges  when someone wants to live by these in practical life.Time and again many asked me what is leadership according to me and I always say ” Its being a Role Model” .I thought I should dive deep more and highlight few points here for the benefit of the people who asked me this question time and again as I left the question unanswered.
Firstly one of the most important leadership quality is ” Ethics“. If one individual alters everything to come to the limelight , in spite of strict standards and governing laws then he or she is first out of the race.I always believe not only me I am sure everybody who understood leadership in the true sense will believe “leadership is not only about the destination but the path ” 
Secondly “Inclusive Growth “ . A leader cant be a person who always wanted to project his /her achievements (If truly so) even after and in the path and kill the rest.He or she shall always ensure the team comes out more than individual.I always say ” Building Castles at the cost of hard workers Grave”
Thirdly ” People Orientation” . A leader who doesn’t  even know how to talk to individuals , I am not sure how will he or she truly pass on the value to the customer. These are basic etiquette if one has really gone through tough path to reach there they would empathize the persons like them who they see today and not insult them.If one insults the members in public it means their path is doubtful.
Fourthly ” Consistency in Statements “. A leader should be consistent in statements one makes .He or she cannot be giving one definition for anything today and change it according to situation which breaks the trust.Its not only about what you commit/communicate in public its also about what you commit in private matters.
Fifthy ” Transparency” . A leader should be transparent and neutral when it comes to decision making .A fair and neutral opportunity shall be given by looking at the path including the parameters  above before making any decisions.
Above all its being a role model by sheer hard work and not exploitation ,by true knowledge and not bogus and walking the talk.
Some times in life when one adopts all the above and when he /she  loses to many who doesn’t even qualify in any of the above criteria it may be soul hurting at times and the question now is how to again start back from ground zero.
Its not only about the hurt and I am sure its more than that a question of “Natural Justice Existence”for those.
But true confidence is raising back time and again even after how many times one is being killed and mercilessly murdered by this society or the system.
When we lose trust on the path its when one loses the destination. When one knows the path is what true leaders have followed and in spite of that you have failed today trust me its not a fall and its a rise.

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