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About the Founder

About the Founder:

I have a dream that every student graduate coming out of campus in my state/country across the small towns and villages shall not fear about his job or career path and have the confidence & competency to create and find one of his/her own in line with changing market!”

-Prabhu Swaminathan ( Founder AFMOI)

PS is a passionate thinker, writer,public speaker, career and life mentor, life transformational coach,leadership hiring expert etc. He has been involving himself and continues to involve in lots of coaching, mentoring and writing activities in the past 17 years which has benefited the students across colleges, schools and also professionals across the Industries.

PS believes an organisation is sustainable only when it addresses the core pain of its society .He strongly believes in “P&P”, Purpose & Passion around which a “Brand” is built.

He is the owner/ moderator of the following blogs and websites through which he publishes articles on various topics.






PS involves himself actively in all the AFMOI related activities in terms of Strategy , Business Development, Positioning ,Training ,Counselling, Mentoring etc.


PS was born in Chennai but was brought up in Tier 2 town called Thanjavur in a normal school. Born in a middle class family the only asset that the family can give him was “Right to Education”. PS was always strong in academics a school topper and he always found innovative ways in either solving mathematical problems or approach to a question.

After his school life in a tier 2 city, he got into College of Engineering,  Guindy in Chennai where he completed his 4 year engineering degree program. Unlike most of the students who wanted to get placed he had a vision of starting his own construction company in Chennai.

After gaining market experience for first few years he started his own company Shradha Engineers and Contractors. It was these days where he has to compete with the world with poverty and sleepless nights.

After running this business reasonably successful for 2 years due to family reasons he has to take a break. He thought of pursuing higher studies and chose to study in a B-School. He did his business graduation from Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies in 2008 and started working in Mafoi which is now Randstad India.

In his entire life PS always had a vision of giving back to society and it was his souls thirst which he exhibited by heading NSS in college days, mentoring economically challenging students, training students in Foundations & Trusts etc. He was not able to organize his thoughts for a long time and streamline in a specific direction so that it can be inclined towards a specific social objective clubbed with Business Model.

It was one day he was re-collecting his challenges to reach the place where he is, he found the biggest challenge was not the technical know-how or competency but his exposure to dynamic market reality as he was brought up in a tier 2 city and when he has to compete with students from metros and cities. In simple terms he realized, PS started to know the leading business newspapers only at his age 22 or about leading brands at age 26.

PS also realized the huge gap in our education system which prepares students for marks and placements but not for market and life. Example could be being a civil engineer from one of the India’s best college PS never knew by getting into specialization of reservoir engineer one can earn more than the average CEOs of the companies at the mid age. He realized that this gap is huge with engineering students community in Tier 2 and Tier 3 towns and cities. He felt this GAP has a huge potential which the conventional training institutes or centres are not bridging as they are using training facilitators who emphasise on soft skills, but stay away from preparing the students for the dynamic market conditions.

This academy was started to bridge that gap and provide that Market Orientation Program to Engineering Students in Tier 2 and Tier 3 towns of Tamil Nadu to begin with at reasonable cost and very high quality. Research also indicates only less than 25-30% of students coming out of Engineering Colleges are employable. With at least more than 4 lakhs  engineering students passing out every year from Tamil Nadu there is a need for more than 2.5 lakhs of students not coming under the employable category. PS believes this is not merely because of lack of soft skills as it is widely spoken and misinterpreted but also due to lack of orientation towards market dynamics. This academy is aiming to fill that gap in the upcoming years at a reasonable price to the students who are used to conventional soft skill programs.