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Daanveer-Loving Hands

DAANVEER is named after “Karna” who is the mythological character who is known for his unconditional & undying charitable nature in “Mahabharat”. Our Daanveer program under the brand AFMOI is also laid on the same fundamental principle.

We may not be individually financially sound to help your financial struggles of a deserving and the needy student but through our love to support you & your educational constraints we will surely work hard to mobilize the maximum and support.

In case if you have constraints in terms of school fees, educational infrastructure like laptops, or any need please do a post to us.

We will evaluate the cases with proper validation and then run a campaign to mobilize the funds to support your needs.

No guarantee of any minimum amount but we assure the best of our efforts to support you.

No amount shall be transferred directly to any individual’s account and it shall be paid to the corresponding educational institution or to the vendor if infrastructure unless any valid special cases.

Please post your need via mail to sales3@afmoi.in or WhatsApp https://wa.me/919962897804

Prabhu Swaminathan

Founder -AFMOI

I love hard to help your education and its needs !


Date of SponsorDetails Name of StudentValue of SponsorLocation of Sponsored
14/08/2019Proud Engineer CampaignMaaXXXXXX DeviRs 1000MEPCO,SIVAKASI
14/08/2019Proud Engineer CampaignRamXXXX XXXXNanRs 1000MEPCO,SIVAKASI
24/06/2020Lap Top Sponsor through DAANVEER scheme of AFMOISxxxxI YxxxxlaRs 22401YANAM ,PONDY
Nov 2020Exam FeesMr VxxxxxHRs 750CEG,Chennai
Jun 2021Lap Top SponsorMs AXXXU SXXXLA Rs 23890Delhi ,India