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TAP  is the acronym for TALENT ACQUISITION PARTNER and recruitment brand of Lafors Talent Solutions India Private Limited.

Through TAP we offer Permanent Recruitment Services across sectors/industries.

With our leadership team collectively having more than 60 years of HR industry expertise in Permanent Recruitment ,Leadership Hiring ,Key Account Management,RPO Implementation & Operations  across industries we delivery the best of value to our end customers.

Our permanent recruitment services process flow:

  • Job Intake :

Our job intake goes beyond the Job/Role related technical  understanding .

We understand Company,Culture,Vision,Superiors,Vision,USP,Industry so that our recruiters go beyond recruitment and perform the role of external Talent Acquisition Brand Ambassadors of required organization. (Minimum 15 Minutes with the HR & the Hiring Managers if possible).The copy of our understanding what we call as “Approach Brief” is shared and only after client’s approval the search process starts.

  • Mapping: 

Our Search Process starts from mapping the Industry /Competitors or Related companies and send the Target list of companies to the client validate the approach .

  • Target Candidates :

Our recruiters then hunt for potential talents through all means of sourcing channels which includes (Conventional : Portals, Professional Networking sites etc); Unconventional means: Social/Professional Networking,Forums,Targeted Promotional campaigns mailers in groups etc).

For Leadership Hiring we strictly adhere to Head-Hunting and other means of tapping the passive talents.

  • Validation :

Our recruiters shall have a telephonic or face to face  validation depending on the level of the candidates and all resumes shall have a Candidate Assessment Snap Shot of why we send the candidate for the specific position .

For Leadership Hiring our experts shall meet up with the candidate or VC/Skpe for minimum of 1 hour and assess them through BEI). The detailed Assessment Report shall be sent for all the candidate resumes .

  • Feedback :

We believe the success of recruitment is a co-creation and we would be keen to have the respective client stake holders transparent and constructive feedback to course correct and refine our search in case of deviations .

  • Interview Co-ordination:

Our recruiters shall do the proper interview co-ordination and ensure the desired and the committed candidates are lined for the interview on the day.

  • Selection:

Once the candidate is identified our recruiters shall ensure the candidate receives the offer and we involve our self in offer negotiation and ensure the candidate is motivated to accept the offer (Keeping in mind the market standards) .

  • Post Offer Candidate Engagement :

We ensure the Candidate is continuously engaged on a weekly/fortnightly basis by multiple levels of ours and our clients stake holders till the date of joining .

  • Joining Date and Post Joining engagement:

Once the candidate joins the client organization we still go further and constantly interact with the candidate and ensure to keep the candidate motivated and understand the pulse of the candidate and the client about the candidate performance .

  • Invoicing : 

An invoice shall be raised on the next day after the date of  joining of the candidate after getting the client confirmation.

  • Payment of Invoices : As per contract T&C