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TAP is the acronym for TALENT ACQUISITION PARTNER and recruitment brand of Lafors Talent Solutions India Private Limited.

Through TAP-Elite we offer Executive Search and Leadership Hiring across sectors/industries.

Our Leadership Hiring Services:

“Choosing the right leader is significantly different from choosing the right talent”.

Technology, innovation, and geopolitical change are accelerating the need for all the companies to get (or stay) ahead of the competition. But for companies to fully evolve, attract the best people, and produce the best products and services, they should have the right leaders at the right place at the right time.

Through TAP-Elite we are committed to serve organisations in identifying such leaders from the market.

Our  3P Principle of leadership hiring:

  • P-People – You will engage only with experienced Industry Experts as consultants/client partners.
  • P-Process – Our robust process in Researching ,Identifying ,Assessing and Engaging with prospective leadership talents  to support organisations on their leadership needs.
  • P-Purpose – Understanding that leadership hiring goes beyond technical fitment to ensure cultural fitment in alignment with  the larger purpose of the unstated need.

Client Partner :

Prabhu Swaminathan , an engineering alumni of Guindy Engineering College, Anna University, Chennai and MBA from Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies ,comes with more than 16 years of experience in recruitments,sales,leadership hiring,operations,training and entrepreneurship .He has been associated with major brands like NG George Architects and Consultants ,Randstad ,Kelly OCG (Renault Nissan Alliance Group),O&M etc. He is also the pioneer of Market Orientation Program an employability initiative for the students and Founder of AFMOI-Academy for Market Orientation India.

Leaders hunting for next right journey please write to :

  • prabhu@afmoi.in for appointment and  discussion.

Organisation hunting for right leaders please connect to:

  • prabhu@afmoi.in for appointment and  discussion.


What clients say about their leadership hiring experience?

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