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Students -Chapter

Dear Student Friends,

This is once again your friend and “bro” the Founder and MD of “AFMOI – Academy for Market Orientation of India” the training brand of Lafors Talent Solutions India Pvt Ltd.

I am very happy to connect with you all once again this summer. As by this time you will know AFMOI – as   a purpose driven brand working towards its great vision of taking the student employability of the state to number 1 in the next 5 years.

As a mile stone of its vision we have touched more than 3000 students across more than 7 districts in TN since 2017.

AFMOI continuously innovates new modes and means to bridge the gap between corporate and students. To know more please visit www.afmoi.in.

Many initiatives which includes C-Cube our Quarterly newsletter, free seminars, social media channels, our technology (WIP) have touched many students and colleges in the last 1 year.

On the same lines we are happy to launch AFMOI – Chennai Chapter Initiative.

Through AFMOI – Chennai Students Chapter we are planning to conduct series of events in a year which shall enable every student to interact with corporates, get industry updates, motivational speeches, corporate visits, panel discussions etc.

In the first year we plan to conduct 15 events/sessions effective from June 2018 to June 2019 at an average of 1 event per month spanning for 2.5 hours per event.

The events shall be planned only on weekends and preferably 2rd week end of every month either on Saturday or Sunday.

Students of Chennai can become members of AFMOI –Chennai chapter by paying Rs 1600 +GST for 1 year and avail the possibility of attending all the events. A membership card and id shall be given. The venue shall be @ AFMOI, OMR Office or any other venue depending on attendance for a particular session.

Most of the class room sessions and events shall be at free of cost and only any client or company visits as events shall be charged as per expenses by then. To execute it in a planned and streamlined manner a link shall be sent to students to confirm the participation 10 days ahead of the event.

Tentative Proposed Programs (First Half of the year )
June 2018 Opening of AFMOI-Chennai Chapter and Experts Talk
July 2018 Market Orientation –How to find right opportunities in competitive job Market
Aug 2018 How do I find job if I don’t find one in Campus
Sep 2018 Experts Talk on

Key Skill sets to Crack the Job Market?

Oct 2018 Entrepreneurship for Youngsters

(How to start)

Nov 2018 Top 7 challenges in Students Life and how to deal with it?
Dec 2018 Panel Discussion by Expert CEOS/MDS/HRS

Note: Programs are tentative and shall be customised.