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Dear  Subject Matter Experts


Dear Friends and Creators of India !

It is said the biggest thing that we can give for others to be part of a change is Giving Our Time ! 
AFMOI – as you all know the purpose driven training brand of Lafors Talent Solutions India Pvt Ltd is in the process of launching its first version of networking technology platform to support its employability vision for the students across smaller towns in India.

Through this platform we intend bring knowledge and learning on “Just in Time” mode in the world of “Instant Gratification”
  • If you have the passion towards mentoring students on projects and career !
  • If you have the inclination to make the change in the employability of the country !
  • If you are the expert in your own field of engineering or non engineering !

If you are an engineer/non engineer  with more than 5 years of experience and has a social inclination to support engineering/non engineering  students across India on projects and career guidance via our Innovative Tech Networking Platform which we are about to launch  please fill the form below!

Request you all to register through the link below . At the right time the link to be part of the platform shall be sent .
If you can’t give your time, in digital era at times the biggest time that we can give is ” A simple forward ,requesting forward” of this page link.
Hence please forward this if you want to “Be The Change” !
To know more about us please visit www.afmoi.in
(The purpose driven brand impacted close to 5000 students and 1000+ professionals/corporates)